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Acquire a Lot is an organization dedicated to teaching languages effectively, based on an innovative method developed by teachers of the organization, called LRPR that has the following fundamental pillars to ensure that you can acquire the language naturally:
• Listen to stories
• Read stories
• Play games to solidify what you have learned
• Repeat

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"If you really want to learn Spanish, start here! You will not regret."

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"Awesome teaching method, even for me at 79 years old"

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"Reading and Listening to acquire a language is so much easier with stories that grab your attention like the ones on this awesome book"


Welcome to the World of Acquisition.

Acquire a lot’s mission is to encourage language acquisition instead of the traditional method. With the LRPR method, there are no grammar lessons, there are no corrections, everything is acquired naturally, in the same way that a child acquires her/his first language.

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We have been testing our method for 10 years, developing unique stories.

Did you know that Spanish is the easiest language for native English speakers to acquire?
Studies show that using our unique method, you need between 575-600 hours to acquire Spanish.

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The repetition of words just by reading or listening in context helps enter your long term memory..

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